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AGNEE Bevel Helical Gearbox Housing is usually made of Close Grain Cast Iron when the quantity required is more or Structural Steel when the application demands or the quantity is low like 1 gearbox. They are rugged, corrosion resistant and absorb shock and vibration. The Bevel Helical Reducer Gearing is Sprial Bevel gear set in first stage and Helical Gear set in second stage. All Gears are made from nickel chrome high quality alloy steel, hobbed, case carburized, duly Hardened and tempered, surface ground to close tolerances. Bevel Gear sets are duly Lapped. That leads to a very good efficiency and a quiet working condition. The Output shafts are from alloy steel forging or bars. Output or Low speed shafts can be solid or hollow type. Bearings are fitted on a close tolerance machined journal and are taper roller type.

AGNEE gear units are fully metric and are suitable for most applications horizontal drives.

The modular design of the Series H Spiral bevel Helical Gear Boxes and Helical Gear Boxes offers many engineering and performance benefits including a high degree of interchangeability of parts and sub assemblies. This in turn provides considerable ease in availability of spares, compact delivery periods, economic pricing while maintaining the highest standard of component integrity.

Based on a modular design and construction, the high degree of interchangeability of parts and sub-assemblies among all variants effects considerable economies of production, whilst maintaining the highest standard of component and unit elements. A wide choice of ratio is available based on recommendations laid down in AGMA standards with additional half ratio steps.

Profile ground helical gears together with spiral bevel gears lapped in pairs, ensure high standards of accuracy, surface finish and quiet running characteristics. Helical gears are fitted in parallel shaft units whilst units with shaft at right angle incorporate spiral bevel and helical gears. High quality alloy case hardening material provide long life wear resistance and fatigue strength.

The high power to weight ratio of all units combines with volume to enable installation in the most difficult situations, Each of the two variants contains unique features suited to their own operating conditions. Horizontal units feature optional right or left and shaft arrangements from the same sub-assemblies and are available as foot mounted, shaft mounted or foot/shaft mounted types

GEARS : High quality alloy case hardening materials provide long life wear resistance and fatigue strength. Profile ground single helical gears and spiral bevel gears lapped in pairs ensure high standards of accuracy, surface finish and quiet running characteristics. Helical gears are fitted in parallel shaft units whilst units with shafts at right angles incorporate  spiral bevel and helical gears.BEARINGS : Taper Roller bearings are used throughout.GEAR CASES : Gear cases are of rigid cast iron construction with modern styling. MS Fabricated gear cases are available as optional. Inspection covers are provided for viewing gear contacts. Oil level dipsticks, ventilators and drain plugs are fitted. Cases are split in horizontal plain for horizontal gearboxes and in the vertical plain for vertical gearboxes.Gearcase Finish : Internal and external semi-gloss blue painted with linear epoxy primer. External surfaces are finished with alkyde semi-gloss blue paint. These paints are resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, oils and solvents, sea water and temperatures upto 1400C.External Dimensions : Centre distances are chosen from ISO preferred number series. Shaft extensions and hollow wheelshaft bores are to ISO metric standards. Fastners are metric.

Lubrication : In horizontal units, lubrication in most instances is by transfer of oil by gears dipping in the sumps of gear unit bases. Where high pitch line speeds could cause churning of the lubricant, case baffles are fitted as indicated on rating tables. Forced lubrication is necessary where shown and complete systems can be supplied when required. In vertical units, lubrication in most instances is provided by a pump driven from the bottom of the high speed or second motion shaft. The low speed gears dip in the oil bath. In some cases, it is necessary to use a forced lubrication system with a separate oil tank. These are marked in the ratings tables.
All units are provided with combined dipsticks and ventilators and drain plugs.

COOLING : Depending on the application, standard gear units are cooled by :
Normal heat dissipation by convection from external surfaces.Fans fitted to high speed shafts.
Cooling water coil fitted in gear unit base.
Fan and cooling coil.Separate oil cooler incorporated in forced lubrication systems.SHAFT MOUNTED UNITS : Shaft mounted units are of two designs, the first of which is mounted on the driven machine shaft extension and connected to the foundation by torque arm. Additionally foot/shaft design is available for mounting on a base plate with motor and coupling, the complete assembly being mounted on the driven machine shaft extension connected to the foundation by a torque arm.MOTORISED GEAR UNITS : Gear units of double and triple reduction types are available as standard assemblies with flanged motors directly mounted on gear case input shaft housing by adaptors. Motor and gear unit shafts are connected by flexible coupling.HOLD BACKS : Hold backs can be fitted to all horizontal, two and three stage gear units, where required to operate in non-reversing drives. They are located on horizontal pinion shaft and have adequate capacities to deal with full rated torque. Lubrication is provided automatically from the oil in the gear unit. Changing the direction of locking rotation is a  simple operation.PRESERVATION/PROTECTION : AGNEE helical gear units are despatched without oil. Prior to despatch they are test run with a rust preventative oil giving adequate protection to internal parts for a period of 6 months, covering normal transport and covered storage.

NOTE : Where gear units are to operate in abnormal condition or where they are to stand for long period without running for e.g. in plant installation, AGNEE must be notified so that suitable protective arrangements can be made.

As improvements in design are being made, this specification is not to be regarded as binding in detail and drawings and capacities are subject to alterations without notice. Certified drawings would be sent on request.