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Salient Features of Agnee Crane Duty Helical Gear Boxes

Rigid, robust, torsion resistant housing in high quality close grained Grey Cast Iron generously proportioned to ensure proper radiation of any heat generated when Units are operated at their maximum capacity Suitable ribs are placed underneath the bearing seats for strength and the walls are of sufficient thickness to withstand the most severe stresses encountered during operation. On request the housing is manufactured of fabricated construction. Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel can be supplied if required.


Helical gears, Pinion Shafts have involute profile teeth and are manufactured from high alloy case hardening steel. After case hardening, the gear teeth are profile ground to provide a highly efficient and quiet running drive. All gear teeth are with involute profile duly corrected as per the most modern methods which increase dedendum bearing capacity and reduce noise level.

The low speed shafts are made from medium carbon steel duly heat treated and are finished to high precision tolerance by grinding. The low and high speed shaft extensions are fitted with oil seals to prevent leakage of oil and entry of dust.

Antifriction bearings of ample size are used to ensure long service life. The use of antifriction bearings ensures high efficiency, correct centre distance and proper shaft alignment. In case of extra overhung load due to pulley, pinion etc. on shafts, reinforced extra heavy bearing is used.

Even though the gearboxes are suitable for rotation in either direction, the running in and the functional test run is done in the direction of rotation specified. If the gearbox is required to be used in either direction, the same should be specified in the order.

For normal speeds, splash lubrication is provided by the gears dipping in oil. Oil reservoir is of ample size to ensure cool operation. The oil level indicator located in the housing is to ensure a proper amount of lubricant in all housing. Wherever splash lubrication is not effective to carry oil to gears and bearings, either due to low input speed or high peripheral speed a built-in or separately mounted lubrication oil pump is used for forced-feed lubrication.

In most cases depending on the power to be transmitted and the ambient temperature, the heat generated in the gear units is dissipated through a sufficiently large surface area of the housing. Additional cooling by use of fans, cooling coils inside the lower part of the housing or a separate oil cooler is provided where simple radiant heat dissipation is not adequate. Flow indicator, Pressure gauge are installed for checking oil circulation with provision to connect to audio-visual alarms.

The bearings can withstand overhung loads arising due to mounting of flat and V-belt pulleys, gear wheels and chain sprockets of appropriate dimensions on the input and output shafts. In order to check bearing life or for recommendations of reinforcement of bearings, shaft, the type of component its’ diameter and distance between the centre of the component and the shaft collar is requested.

Painting : Casting surfaces are painted with linear epoxy primer both internally and externally. External cast faces are finally finished with PU blue Coatings, which is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, oils and solvents, sea water and temperatures upto 140ºC.

The efficiency of the gearbox is primarily a function of reduction stages and type of gearing and is broadly as under when loaded to rated capacity.

Type and reduction Ratio Efficiency Center distance Reduction Ratio
Horizontally signal stage 98% 100-400 mm 1.83:1 to 8:1
Horizontally double stage 96% 250-1000 mm 8.23:1 to 48.57:1
Horizontally triple stage 94 % 400-1250 mm 31.5:1 to 160:1
Vertically triple stage 93% 250-600 mm 14.85:1 to 33.4:1








Optional Features: –
Non standard ratio
Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel
Reinforced bearings for external loads,
Shaft extension input/output
Fan cooling or cooling coil
Integrals tooth male clutch with output shaft