Helical Inline Gear Motor and Gearbox

AM Series Inline Helical Geared Motor

AM Series – Foot Mounted Inline Helical Geared Motor

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Agnee Techbox ‘AM-Series’ helical inline gearbox and helical inline gear motors are available in Double / Triple reduction models having motorised /solid inputs are intended to satisfy all the requirements of a reliable drive for slow-speed high-torque application.

Agnee helical Inline gear motor are fully meteric and suitable for most applications in both horizontal and vertical drive and is available in foot mounted and flange mounted versions.

Based on a modular design and construction, the high degree of interchangeability of parts and sub assemblies among all variants effect considerably economies of production, whilst maintaining the highest standard of component and unit elements. A wide choice of ratio is available. Standard range of AGNEE helical inline gear motors, offer un-parallel performance covering output speed graduated from 9 to 1230 rpm with motor power ratings ranging from 0.18 kW to 90 kW.

Inline Helical Geared Motor

Inline Helical Geared Motor

AM series helical gear motor can be applied for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions. High quality alloy case hardening material provide long life, wear resistance and fatigue strength. Gears are case carburized and profile ground to a hardness of 58-62 HRC for higher durability.

Profile ground helical gears ensure high standards of accuracy, surface finish and quiet running characteristics.
Gear Case and flanges are of high strength gray cast iron .
The high power to weight ratio of all units combined with low volume to enable installation in the most difficult situations
The Input power range of our Helical Gear Motor is 0.18KW to 90 KW and Transmission ratio range is 1.4-250.

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Inline helical geared motor Models Ratios
AM 0420 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
AM 0620 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
AM 0720 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
AM 0820 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
AM 0920 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
AM 1020 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
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Technical Characteristics

AM Series Inline Helical Gearbox

AM Series Inline Helical Gearbox

  • TECHBOX Helical Gear Units are designed for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions
  • State of the art gear box housing designed for operation under harsh conditions
  • Gear case and flanges of high strength gray cast iron
  • Compact closed rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron housing for preventing of lubrication loss and dirt built up.
  • Gear Wheels made of high strength case hardened steel.
  • Highly wear resistant though flank hardness of 58-62 HRC
  • Tooth Flanks of all gear wheels are hobbed and profile ground to AGMA 10 accuracy for low noise and high efficiency.
  • Strong, non flexible pinion shafts and bearings guarantee an exact tooth meshing
  • Oversize bearings size to withstand higher loads
AM Series Helical Gearbox

AM Series Inline Helical Gearbox

  • Dual bearing support on the input shaft assures precise alignment of the first stage gears and reduces vibrations and consequent gear wear
  • Shafts are made from En-8 and tempered thus increasing their capacity to withstand shearing stress
  • To withstand higher radial loads, Smaller overhang distance of output shaft from supporting bearings.
  • Mechanical parts locked in their positions by snap rings and spacers. This also ensures better absorption of axial thrust and prolongs the life of bearings.
  • Higher ratio available through attachment of pre stage or pre connected gear box
  • Ratios available from 1.4 – 250All units are dimensionally interchangeable with other major manufacturers.


AM Series Inline Helical Gear Box

AM Series Inline Helical Gear Box

  • Helical Gear Units are designed for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions.

  • Gears are carburized to a hardness of 58 – 62 HRC for durability.

  • Gear case and flanges of high strength gray cast iron.

  • Foot mounted, flange mounted.

Technical Data

  • Input Power :0.18 KW to 90 KW.

  • Transmission Ratio : 1.4-250

  • Mounting Structure : Foot & Flange Mounted

  • Model : AM-03 to AM-14

  • Applications : Conveyors, Agitators, Elevators, Cranes, Crushers

  • Industries Covered:
    The helical inline gear motors are widely applied in Power Plants, Coal, Cement, metallurgy, harbor, agriculture, military industry, shipping, lifting, environment protection, logistic, weaving, paper making, light industry, rice mill, solvent extraction, ceramic industries, steel industry, minerals, food & tobacco, plastics and other regions, chemicals, pharma, packaging, food processing, automation etc.