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Parallel shaft mounted helical gearbox and gear motor

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor with Electric Motor

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

A rugged and dependable Shaft mounted helical gear motor ideal for all material handling applications involving conveyors or augers and are also suitable for a wide variety of industrial fields.

Universal mounting, modular design, high efficiency, and quite operation makes this unit ideal for many applications and allows for simple and neat installation.

AF-series parallel shaft helical gearbox, available in cast iron casing only, Available in 6 sizes from 04 to 10, offer a large range of reduction ratios and are fully efficient in any working conditions.

Parallel Shaft Mounted Helical Gear Motor- AF Series with electric motor

Parallel Shaft Mounted Helical Gear Motor

AGNEE Techbox ‘AF Series’ parallel shaft mounted helical gear motor is extra-slim parallel shaft helical gear motor and is the perfect solution when space is limited. The many different sizes and designs ensure that the gear motors can be used in a wide variety of applications even under the most unfavorable conditions. AGNEE AF series parallel shaft helical gear motors are typically used in conveyor and materials processing applications.

Series AF parallel shaft helical gear motors offer ratios from 5:1 to 100:1 in double reduction form and in combined units form upto 20,000:1. Motors are available upto 45 kw giving a maximum output torque of 7200Nm. The series AF parallel shaft mount gear motors are primarily designed as a shaft mounted unit incorporating an integral torque reaction bracket.

AF Series Gearbox

Parallel Shaft Mounted Gearbox – AF Series

You can choose from foot-mounted, flange-mounted or shaft-mounted options. The units are also available with bolt-on feet or output flanges and output shafts of single and double extension. All variants are available either motorized or with output shaft assembly.

Available versions
• Foot-mounted or flange-mounted gearbox / gearmotor
• B5 or B14 Flange-mounted gearbox / gear motor
• Solid or hollow shaft gearbox / gearmotor


Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

Torque ratings consistently high, gear ratios in close progression, numerous mounting options along with compact dimensions will ease the engineering of any application

The housing from nodular cast iron ensures robustness even in the harshest environment and the class of precision the gear are machined into helps producing an extremely quite and vibration-free operation.

• Sizes: AF-04, AF-06, AF-07, AF-08, AF-09, AF-10
• Universal cases
• Can be used even in narrow construction space
• High gear ratios (plug in pinion)
• Hollow shaft on both sides possible
• Very energy efficient (efficiencies of 98% per stage)
• Power up to 45 kW
• Gears with shaved or ground profile
• Gearing with 2, 3, 4 and 5 reduction stages
• Reduction ratios between 5:1 to 100:1 , 63:1 to 355:1, 360:1 to 5600:1 and 4500:1 to 20000:1
• Cases in G200 grey cast iron for high strength and optimized with FEM analysis
• Excellent mechanical strength
• Accessories: torque arm, output flange, output shaft, shrink disk, backstop device, assembly/disassembly kit
Your advantages

High power density
High permitted overhung loads
Multi-stage gear unit for low output speeds

Manufacturing Range
• Stages: 2, 3, 4 and 5

Ratio :
1) Double Reduction : 5.0 To 100.
2) Triple Reduction : 63 To 355.
3) Quadruple Reduction : 360 To 5600.
4) Quintuple Reduction  : 4500 To 20000.

Capacity : 0.12 kW To 45 kW.
Output RPM : 0.31 To 290.
Nominal Ratio : 5 To 20000.

Mounting: foot or flange-mounting versions (B5, B14, mixers, extruders), torque bracket
Shaft: Solid shaft, Hollow shaft

Typical Applications of Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motors are as follows:
• Agitator drives • Carriage drives • Shelf access equipment • Vertical conveyor