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Features of Worm Gearbox, worm speed reducer

Features – Worm Gearbox

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Salient Features of AGNEE Worm Gearbox

The AGNEE Worm Gearboxes have Cast Iron Gear Case of streamlined design completely air tight, dust proof and capable of being installed in open without any cover. The Worm Shaft is made of Alloy Steel, duly hardened and tempered. The Worm Wheel is made of Chill Cast Phosphorous Bronze and teeth accurately Generated on Gear Hobbing Machines. They are supported on Extra Heavy Duty Taper Roller anti friction Bearings of ample margin of safety to allow adequate journals as well as thrust loads. Lubrication is effected by splash of oil from the sump. Thus, no special care is required except for occasional oil topping to the required level. Air cooling is effected by means of standard polypropylene or metal fans. Please read the Selection of Correct Worm gear box for choosing the correct one for your application. Extra Heavy Duty strength and ruggedness impart AGNEE Worm Gearbox the ability to perform in most testing environment like Fertilizer, Chemical, Stones and Mineral and other industries. They have proved their Mattel under most adverse conditions.

A case in the point is the mining Industry in Rajasthan. In stone mining AGNEE worm gearbox are used in wide variety of mining machines like Stone Slotters in Kota stone mining. Here the ambient temperatures are the extremist possible, crossing 50°C. In summers, strong dust storms compound the harsh environmental conditions. Water slurry is strewn everywhere, sometimes contaminating the lubrication oil. The outdoor nature of mining means that the Gearbox has to withstand all the environmental problems as well the rough handling. Here, in this environment and working condition, AGNEE worm gearboxes are numero uno choice of mining machine manufacturers and users.

The unique features of AGNEE worm gearboxes is that AGNEE Gearbox have liberal ribbing for increasing heat dissipation area, streamlined sump for carrying more oil and fan of ample size which is effective in both side of rotation.

Right angle worm reduction gearboxes contain input shafts that are positioned perpendicular to the output shafts. Right angle worm gearbox have up to 98% efficiency levels, and are common in printing presses and glass cutting equipment.

For Gear Unit selection Prime mover’s maximum power rating can be taken as base for determining the actual load. The Gear Selection is made by comparing actual transmitted loads with catalogue ratings. It is important to realise that are based on standard set of load conditions, which invariably change for different conditions. Therefore service factor must be used to calculate a theoretical transmitted load or equivalent load, before comparing with catalogue rating. For calculating the same, apply the formula:-

Equivalent Load = Actual Load x Service Factor

These are some Suggestions to improve the performance of your worm speed reducers, worm gear boxes or worm geared drives. However, please note that these are suggestions based on standard set of conditions. If these are different from your results, please rely on your results and inform us.

Design Standards

Wherever applicable, British as well as Indian Design standards are used. Worm shafts conform to case-hardening Alloy Steels, Worm Wheels conform to phosphorous-bronze as per BS 1400, while gear Case conforms to C.I. Grade IS 210.

Gear Case is of streamlined design, rugged in construction, made of close grain Cast Iron. It is completely air tight, dust proof and capable of being installed in open without any cover. The faces and bores are accurately bored and machined to last precision to ensure perfect alignment and interchangeability.

Worm Shaft & Worm Wheels

The Worm is made of high tensile nickel chrome alloy steel, duly hardened and ground and is integral with the shaft. It is of large diameter to carry the torsional as well as the bending loads which may be induced by overhung drives. Bearing journals are accurately ground. Worm Wheels is made of chill cast phosphorous bronze and tightly fitted wit the C.I. Centers. Worm Wheels teeth are generated on precision hobbing machines & high accuracy hobs.


The Worm and Worm Wheels are supported on Extra Heavy Duty Taper roller antifriction bearings of ample margin of safety to allow adequate journals as well as thrust loads.


Lubrication of Worm and worm wheels is by splash of oil from the sump. Thus, no special care is requires except for the occasional oil topping of the oil to the required level. An oil filler cum breather plug is provided along with the drain plug and level plug. Oil seals of appropriate size are provided on all input and output shafts.


Air cooling is effected by means of standard propylene or metal fans which direct air over the ribbed surface of the case. The fan is designed to operate in both the direction of rotation and is so arranged in conjunction with the ribbing of the case to allow maximum heat dissipation.

Overload rating

All the components of Gear Unit are so designed that they can withstand:
100 % overload for 15 sec.
50 % overload for 1 min.
40 % overload for 15min.
25 % overload for 1 hr.